Galit Dahan Carlibach


She is a creative writing’s teacher, an essayist and a tour guide of literary tours in JerusalemHer works include three novels, two YA series, one novella and short stories which were translated to German, English, Spanish and Ukrainian.

She has won Fulbright Award for writers for the international writing program in Iowa City(2016), Prime minister’s Prize(2014), Acum Literary Prize(2013), Einat Prize For Science Fiction (2011, 2012), ant the nominee for Gefen Prize for SF&Fantasy (2015, 2016). Her fiction for teenager Arfileah has won Dvora Omer Award (2013). She has participated Pardes program for young authors by the National Library (2014-2015). She participated of the International Writing Program in Iowa City, USA.



Shanghai Writers’ Association
675, Julu Road Shanghai, 200040