A poet, novelist, essayist and also a Literature professor. She has published works including fictions, nonfictions and poetry. Her poetry and fiction have earned many awards: Emece Prize (2002), International Prize Clarin (2004), novela Prize of City of Buenos Aires(2003,2005,2008), Prize of National Arts Center (2006), essay Prize of City of Buenos Aires(2010), Prize of Best Education Book (2010-2011).

  A Spanish writer. She was born in 1975. She works as a Catalan teacher in Valencia High School. Like a language teacher she usually imparts narrative courses for teenagers. She has published three works.

  An independent writer, translator and book reviewer. She has a BA in English Literature and Theatre Studies(The Hebrew university).She teaches creative writing at the Rehovot branch of the Hebrew University.

  Born in 1986 in the Murmansk region (Russia), she lives currently in the city of Murmansk,and she works at the Municipal Emergency Hospital.She has published in the magazines and newspapers: "Literary Russia", "The Murmansk bulletin", "Evening Murmansk", and in many others, as well as in the Chinese magazine "Foreign Literature and Art "(№ 6, 2015).

   Frode Z. Olsen was born in 1950 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a police officer, a writer of crime fiction and historical documentary. His writing is based on 40 years'experience as a police officer investigating all types of crime. Rising through the ranks from uniformed constable to detective chief superintendent, and on to governmental advisor, Frode Z. Olsen's work has taken him across Europe to the Balkans, and on to Irag, Afghanistan,Chad and China, where he served as a police attache from 2008-2013.

  A playwright, scriptwriter and producer, fiction writer, poet, and non-fiction writer. She spent three years working as an editor in a London Publishing house. She has also worked as an English as a second-language teacher in Huizhou, China. In film, she is a trained-actor-turned-script-developer/writer and producer.

  Jennifer Haigh earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree in fiction writing from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop in 2002. Since then she has published a short story collection, News From Heaven (HarperCollins, 2013) and four critically acclaimed novels: Faith (2011), The Condition (2008), Baker Towers (2006) and Mrs. Kimble (2003).

  Lisa Teasley is the author of the acclaimed novels Heat Signature and Dive. Her Glow in the Dark is winner of the Gold Pen and Pacificus Foundation Awards. Teasley's past awards include: the May Merrill Miller Award, the National Society of Arts & Letters Award, and the Amaranth Review Award.

  Malgorzata Budzynska is a writer, translator and visual artist. She graduated from Warsaw University; faculty of Spanish Language and Latin American Literature. She made her postgraduate studies in the Academy of Arts in Lodz.

  A writer, a translator. Her first story was published in 1990. In 1996, she was awarded the 18th City of Almenara Joan Fuster Prize for Fiction. In 1997, she was the Finalist for the 8th Merce Rodored, a Prize for Catalan Short Stories of Molins de Rei.

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